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For new students who are placed in our University through OSYM, student
registration for dormitories can be made online along with University registrations.
Necessary conditions are announced before the registration dates.

Izmir University of Economics Student Dormitories have a capacity of 471 students within the University campus. All doors operate with a personalized card system. Students can reside in single rooms or rooms for four in each dormitory. All rooms come with a bathroom, bed, wardrobe, nightstand, desk, bookcase, refrigerator, phone, and internet. The Dormitory provides pillows, bedsheets, bedspread, blanket, and duvet covers. Rooms are cleaned every other day, and bedding is changed once a week. There is a central air conditioning system in the building. Geothermal energy is used for heating and hot water. There is a kitchen, laundry and ironing room, multi-purpose hall, study room and masjid that students can use in each of the student dormitories. There is also a cafeteria in the boy’s dormitory.There is a cafeteria in the building. İstinye Park, 5M Migros, Carrefoursa hypermarkets, and Agora, Palmiye, Ege Park shopping malls and movie theaters are all short distance from the Campus.

Student Dormitories offers accommodation only. Breakfasts and meals are provided as table d’hôtel or a la carte at the restaurants (for a fee) located in the main building. In addition, there are kitchens in both dormitories for students to cook. Kitchens are equipped with microwave ovens, oven,stovetops and toasters.

In the event of notifying the Dormitory Administration by stating the name of the friend you want to stay with on the Dormitory Application Form, you will be permitted. 

The Dormitory Administration will make a room change based on a valid cause expressed by the student.

One room for students with disabilities is available on the ground floors of both Girls' and Boys' Dormitories.

Yes, the Dormitory Administration provides pillows, sheets, coverlets, blankets, and duvet covers.

Yes, there is a refrigerator in all the rooms.

In our dormitories, room cleaning service is given every other day. The bedding is changed once a week on Wednesdays, and trash is removed from the rooms everyday, including weekends. Additionally, our staff provides the cleaning service in emergency and when necessary.

No, guests are not allowed in Student Dormitories.

No, pets are not allowed in Student Dormitories.

Regarding students who do not comply with the rules, the Principles of Higher Education Private Accommodation Services Regulation of the Ministry of Youth and Sports will be taken into account.

Dormitory fees for students enrolled in our dormitories is collected annually.

All students enrolled in University Dormitories (scholarship or non-scholarship) must pay the deposit fee.

The deposit fee is taken considering any potential damages caused by the student in the dormitories. When the student decides to leave the dormitory and is dismissed, the deposit is refunded on condition that the student has not caused any damage to any of the main assets in the rooms.

You can leave the dormitory during the semester. Current procedures and principles of “Regulation on Private Accommodation Services” of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and “Private Accommodation Services Bylaw” of Higher Education Institutions are applied in refund procedures.  

Requests by students to be admitted back to the Dormitory, excluding students who received any disciplinary punishment and got expelled from the Dormitory, will be taken into consideration by the Dormitory Administration.

No, the Student Dormitories open and close on the dates determined by the Administrative Board of Dormitories

Registration renewal processes of students residing in the Student Dormitories are carried out every year on the dates determined by the Dormitory management. In addition, the necessary conditions are announced before the registration dates.

You can spend your weekday or weekend holidays away from the dormitory by submitting the Student Permission Form to the Dormitory Administrative or by sending an email to “” address for permission.

Undergraduate students who will be attending Summer School and students who will be performing their internship, which is approved by the Internship Committee, in Izmir can stay in the dormitory during summer period. Also, prep students who are still attending classes because the Module is not over yet, and prep students who want to attend Summer Support Program because they could not take the PIE exam or failed the exam, can stay in the dormitory during summer period.

There is no separate guest house in the dormitories. However, for the guest rooms to be offered in the dormitories in accordance with the quota, you need to contact the library directorate.

Guests coming for any event that will take place at our University should contact the relevant faculty or relevant unit.

IUE Student Dormitories serve only Izmir University of Economics students.


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